I come from an era of Metal in Nepal when metal gigs were such rarity that it’d feel like a pilgrimage attending one. A gig of this magnitude thrilled me from my core since the day I heard about it.

March 17th 2012.

I was probably among the first few people that got there and saw that there was a huge line, but unfortunately it was the ticket counter of Kathmandu zoo not the event. I entered the venue a little later than 2 p.m. which was supposed to be the official kick-off time. Well we all know it does not happen that way. The attendees were all scattered around the ground and seemed like this would be a huge disappointment. I was expecting a much bigger crowd. Though they kept pouring in perpetually it did not seem enough to justify the sheer presence of Napalm Death in Nepal. I kept asking myself, “Where have all the “Real” metal-heads gone?”

The event was kicked off by 2 Point 4 Three from Darjeeling,India. They looked young and energetic and played a mostly original set (I think). Something that I want to point out not just to this band but all the others as well is; when you announce a song could you please use your regular voice so we know what you actually said. Then we had a funny moment when the vocalist announces how kick-ass the bassist is and he lunges into a solo. He was a good bass player but I think the audience should be the judge to how kick-ass you really are. We appreciate you guys coming down to Kathmandu but man I had much higher regards for musicians from Darjeeling. Keep practicing , tone the attitude a little and keep on doing what you love. We shall see you soon.2.43/5Image

Next up was Narsamhaar-Pokhara Nepal. Super tight Death Metal. Good vocals. Finally felt like I arrived at Metal Mayhem IV. They played some of their originals that I could pick up on like “Khukuri” and “Ma marchu Talai”. Being on the receiving end of a violent ego driven encounter is noting to be proud about. Yes, we are all free to say what we want but should be a bit responsible holding a mic. The band is very promising and I look forward to seeing them again. 3.5/5



Binash-Nepal took stage next. I had seen a few videos online and was eager to see this band play live. Well they did not disappoint. Super tight set. Genuine Nepali guys playing some genuine-no bull-Death Metal with a lot of sense of humor(Loved the Stocking-Masks). Though the speeches could be a bit shorter the music was good enough to make the other things minimalistic. It was my first time hearing “MO:MO Pasal” and it became the highlight of the show for me. Good job guys you represented Nepali Death Metal well,look forward to seeing you again. 4/5       


Grimmortal- India.

Ok without being bias and 100% honest. Who picked this band to open for Napalm Death? At this point I am thinking to myself did “Defenders of Metal” really even check out some of the music before selecting the line up? Just because they come from a different country does not mean they are good. One song and I was off to reload myself with some mo:mo. Thanx to them I met an age old friend in the crowd who I had not seen in about a decade.  Not-applicable


They definitely got the crowd going. The first song and they got me curious as to what’s next. But the sad part was it kept getting worse and worse for me. I grew sick and tired of the vocalist going eh-eh-oye-oye. It was nice to see the crowd get into it but he kept going every bridge,riff,solo whatever. They sounded like a washed down version of Amon Amarth( Iranian/Persian Viking Metal??).Then shit starts getting boring after 2 songs and here I have some idiot “tapeys” yelling profanity like “Oye undertaker FAK your Moder” for no sane reason at all. Followed by some hippie-ass khaireni making out in the crowd with another hippie-ass motherfucker giving the idiots in the crowd the wrong idea about her and what do we have next-a gang of low lives groping her in the mosh pit. Timely rescue from Nepal Police.Kudos. Then came a series of bad cover songs and the dust got too much to bare. 2.5/5        



Napalm Death –UK

Finally the headliners , the grindcore legends are on stage. First song was in-audible. Then some tweaking and we’re back on track. Then some radio frequency is audible during breaks. Then the idiot hippie was back and now he wants to grab hold of me and jump over my head. I have had enough. They were ruining my experience. I moved to the back and finally watched a few songs in peace..Then the organizers announce the authorities are asking to have the show shut down. Napalm then played “When all is Said and done” was the best part of the whole gig. Then it was time for me to bounce.

The show as a whole was fun but somehow could have been better. This was how the events unfolded in front of my eyes. I am sure it was different folds of events from different eyes.I was proud to have been a part of this historic moment alongside my Nepali metal head bros/sis. Respect and appreciation to all the bands that traveled to come play in front of us.



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