My Romance with BEER!


There are two drinks i have always been passionate about , “Beer” and “Coffee”. Though i think beer wound rank #1.

There is something about a very cold beer that i simply cannot resist. I love its color and i am very aware of the way a beer tastes. I worked in a Beer barn for years in America. I drank beer from all across the globe. Ales, Largers, Porters, Stouts, Pilsners, and many more.


Start with a Glass or Mug that’s already cold itself.   Pour beer into  Glass at an inclination. (Foam at top)This is a Larger. Majority of beers found in Nepal and elsewhere is a Larger. It is bottom fermented, meaning the yeast settles at the bottom of the fermenter rather than floats on top.This type of beer with a crisp taste and carbonation is the best drink to offer with spicy food.  The color of the lager depends on the environment in which it is brewed in.A well brewed larger has a crisp GOLDEN color.

From an empty Glass to a Happy Man

Real men(who drink alcohol) drink beer. Period. If you think low-carb beer and girly/fruity drinks with a straw(with an umbrella) is Cool go KILL yourself.

Think I am Too harsh . Here is KATE GALES a real bartender with her opinion.

“This summer while serving alcohol, I had a disturbing number of men order drinks like Smirnoff Ices, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Bay Breezes and Bacardi O with Diet Coke. I’m sorry, guys, but to me this is socially unacceptable. If you consider yourself a man, and you choose to drink, you should strive to drink in the manliest way possible. Real men drink beer, and not carb-conscious fake beer beverages like Aspen Edge and Michelob Ultra. Low-carb beer is about as manly as two guys sharing a large floral umbrella.”


Let It kick your Taste-buds and hit the top of your head with its refreshing taste.



Order another cold one and BE HAPPY!

Ladies serve your Man a Cold beer when he gets home and see what happens. TRUST ME! 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Romance with BEER!

  1. Too true! Real men drink beer – and this woman enjoys beer, too. Carrying it one step further – real men and women MAKE beer 😀 I drank a lot of Everest, Gorkha, etc., in Kathmandu, but when I return I’m going to put together some serious microbrew! I’ll save one for you.

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