Slow your roll

The world is moving at a frantic pace. Almost like on a head on collision with something invisible. I look around sometimes and it’s hard to fathom everything you see around you.  Sometimes I fear I am turning into a hippie of some sorts but again hippies weren’t evil. Living most of my adult life in a large metro city in the plains of Texas made me forget a few things. Driving on six lane highways at blinding speeds does not allow you to see what is around you. Yes it’s clean out there. There are no lines for fuel or essentials. There is no power outage. Let’s just say shit is easier. But you are running and running and not looking around in that fast paced life.  All I remember about USA is highways, shops, malls, and more highways and shops and malls. Enjoying life is only for the ones that can afford to not work and still have money to do things that pleases them. For the rest of us it was the daily grind and the idea of fun was basically limited to drinking, pubs and get-together.

After leading such a life one admires leisure like nothing else. Recently I have been exploring my options in different and unfamiliar scenarios. I have been exploring few things, namely, the oldest profession known to human kind, Agriculture. Nature has given us everything we need. For thousands of years people have lived in these hills and not had much problem surviving. All Nepal needed was proper road networks connecting these places to proper health care and economic facilities. Development would have carried itself to its destination on its own. I am not an expert in this but I tend to look at things in the simplest of ways first.

I am kind of going against the wind if one might call it that way. Everybody seems to be running hand in hand in the same direction. I want to run on off to the off beaten tracks for a while. Being in Nepal has again allowed me to dream in which ever manner I please to.  A lot of people have great ideas but never act upon it, I beg to differ. I may not have a penny in my pocket but if there is will, I will create my way. Call me gritty, I am a Capricorn (Ram).

My love affair with the rolling hills started about a few weeks ago. The hills of Nepal turn marvelously green and beautiful during Monsoon. And what a monsoon this has been. It’s been pouring down like there is no tomorrow. The greenery is so vibrant you can almost smell it. The sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and the rain is super temperamental. Humid and muggy climate translates to sweaty and stickiness all day.

From Kaski district to Kavre , yes, I have been traveling. The beauty of Begnas and Rupa Lake adorned by the fragrance of rich organic coffee. The Arniko highway and the slopes of Kera Ghari overlooking Panchkhal valley sipping on Ram dai’s homemade Lassi .  The mid day blinding fog of Dhulikhel to short hike to Kartike village beneath Nagarkot.

There is more to life than just life itself.  Slow your roll.



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