Dreaming Billboards

Every time I pass through one of these unkempt, ugly and crowded intersections of Kathmandu I am compelled to look at all these Billboards that are almost overwhelming. But boy are they one hell of a way to get people’s attention. I have an overactive imagination let’s just say. Every time I sit at these intersections while Traffic Dai or Didi is standing there trying to sort out this mess I imagine my brands on these larger than life billboards. Later as I pass them I laugh at myself often.

I have no idea if anyone has noticed but we are becoming cramped into this space like ‘gundruk’ in the first place and then you’ve got these signs and advertisements that are on our face each and every day. Go abroad, tuition, Cooking oil, Pasteurized milk, Cell Phone Carriers and you name it it’s in Kathmandu.

Recently been traveling a lot around Nepal by land and it’s just a compelling and overwhelming overload of advertisements on every possible visible space.  Buy this and buy that, it almost screams at you. And of course you have your political graffiti. Only if we spent the money we use for all this ink on something fruitful.


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