Enough is Enough

After working all day  I and some of my friends decided to go out tonight. My friend suggested a place which was having its opening night the same day. So we split our ways and I went home to drop off my back pack and my belongings. It looked like hell was about to break loose when I looked up towards the sky. Then I headed towards Thamel looking to have fun. Little did I know how my evening was going to turn upside down. I moved towards Putalisadak from Anamnagar and right after I made that turn I was in front of a congested traffic jam, which was expected around 6.30 p.m. in Kathmandu. But then things went south from there. It started to rain and it was picking up pace as I headed forward slowly. Then there you have it about forty hoodlums running around protesting the hike of fuel prices in Nepal. And a battalion of police chasing them like cat chasing a mouse. It almost seemed like they had met before. Now there are two rain-soaked traffic police officers directing the traffic towards New Road away from the mess ahead. And then came the series of D-tours .

I am stranded in this chaos with the rain falling on my head as I maneuvered my motor bike in the most haphazard way ever imaginable. I pulled up to the side of the road to put on my raincoat but I was soaked already. It took me 30 minutes to reach Jamal and right about this time I was going to quit the idea of going to the party. And I almost did. Then I thought to myself. If I head home now in this rain all its going to do is put me right back in the traffic jam because I had to head home through Putalisadak again. And if I did go back home these political goons would win and people like me, the common man loses again. So I set my mind on reaching my destination. By this time there were mini-tidal waves romping the streets of Kathmandu. My bike got heavier to maneuver and all hell did break loose. No one wants to be in the rain. Its only fun when you are nice and dry at home. This ass crack(excuse my language) sitting in a car is laughing at this girl who did not have a raincoat and was soaked from head to toe. I did not know both of these people but why did I have to see it happening?? Why??? Now I was faced with a question do I become the “Singham” of this city or do I just let it ride. Before I could make a decision the traffic started to move and I was lost in this sea of motorized vehicles.

I finally entered Thamel. The main street leading into Thamel was like a river. And I am not exaggerating.  I was so proud of the fact that I did not have to put my feet down till I got to the other end and get my shoe wet in the process. And it does not end there yet. I reach my destination and catch up with the guys we head up to the place and there is nowhere to sit down. FML I said and I went out and waited because I wasn’t leaving yet. I still had not had my mo:mo yet. I had not had any “khaja” today because I wanted to finish what I got out of the house to finish. I avoid driving in Kathmandu because it is an inconvenience. I prefer the indoors at least when I am in Kathmandu. Despite all this I still love my city and my country. But we the people need to change and change for good.

A fifteen minute ride should not take over an hour. Yes lots of places have traffic problems but our problem is stark. It’s raining like hell outside right now and if it does not stop our city will be flooded with water and sewer and garbage will be floating in it in no time. We have to be thankful that such an event has not occurred yet but it will if it’s not fixed now. NOW. A girl should be able to leave home with no fear in her heart. If you want to practice your democratic rights find a place beside the streets that you have managed to turn into rivers. What if there was an emergency. Someone in our family got sick. There was no possible way the ambulance could reach on time unless it had wings to take off like a helicopter. The time to think is gone. It is the time to act now.

Let’s fix the basics and then decide what brand car or motorbike we want to get into. Keep the politics off the streets for god sakes. How do you protest fuel price hike by causing a traffic jam ? Can someone explain that to me? Enough is Enough.


One thought on “Enough is Enough

  1. I felt like I was in nepal bro. This chaos sounds like sweet music to me, I miss Nepal. But I know I will not think like that if I was in your place. Kathmandu is Magical.

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