“JINDABAAD!!!! Ain’t about rebellion, frustrations, creative disillusions or democracy. The difference that bias the good and the bad declares the sound. Art has nothing to do with it, JINDABAAD!!! Is art.”

Reads the intro on the band’s Facebook page biography.

JINDABAAD!!!! Compromises of

Keyboards: Abhisek Bhadra
Drums: Kiran Shahi
Vocals/Guitar: Rohit Shakya
Bass: Rajan Shrestha
Guitars: Sunny Tuladhar

These guys might be a tad bit younger than I am. They grew up just like me; I assume. Listening to (pirated) music, idealizing western musicians and striving for stars but with feet shackled to the ground. With sensory overloads like smells, sight, sound, violence, mockery, distress and of course expectations as their staple diets. And Jindabaad’s music paints the pictures of my current and past visual memories. The way I related to every note played in this album and the way it caught me with a surprise left me with my jaw wide open.

How did I listen to their album? Of course copied from a friend. Their video of “Rewind” circulated in the social media and it left me wanting to hear more. The day I got the mp3 files of “Plastic Heart” I synced it onto my iPod. Since the day it has found permanent and perpetual playback.  There was one word that kept coming into my mind when I heard this album over and over again and it slowly sunk into my consciousness. The word was “Immaculate”. There was no point in the whole thirty odd minutes of the extended play that I felt was uninteresting. Very few albums have found me keeping my fingers off the skip button lately. Abhishek’s ambiance , Kiran’s timing, Rohit’s voice, Rajan’s grooves and Sunny’s solos blended together is like an orgasm for the ears. Jindabaad has the raised the roof so high I think only they themselves would be able to out-do the raised standard. Originality and creativity is a potent mixture and this EP is a landmark in the history of music in Nepal. I have witnessed them perform live and seen their energy pass on to me like electricity.

If you are a rock music fan and have not heard this EP yet do yourself a huge favor and go BUY it. I preach what I seldom practice.


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