Prashad Project: Green Soldier Collaboration with ArtLab

दोस्त कहा छन्? साथ छ को को? घर हो तिम्रो कुन देश?
जान्छौ कुन पुर भवन मुसाफिर, ल्यायौ कुन सन्देश?
दोस्त मेरो शुभ उद्योगी, साथ छ साहस बेश ।
विश्व सबै घर, हृदय-पुरीतिर ल्याउछु सेवा सन्देश ।।

Devkota was a philosopher, a rebel who was way ahead of his time. A 9 Foot tall portrait done by the ArtLab crew in coordination with the Green Soldiers Kathmandu completed the Phase 1 of the Prashad Project. At 3 p.m. we congregated at Gongabu bus park entrance and commenced our clean-up campaign. We were soon joined by Christopher, Aditya and Romel who completed the pasting. The wind and our impromptu action with minimal planning made things difficult but when the will to do something is so high something as minute as minor obstructions make no impact. Finishing the Project was a dream come true. We were filled with euphoria and a sheer sense of accomplishment. But at the same time we were looking at a much grimmer and uglier picture. That being the staggering number of unemployed Nepalese youth. As we went on about our business a crowd gathered on the bridge and all over the street. People were curious as to know “what the fuck?” was going on. Some could not make sense out of it, some did not even recognize the image as Devkota and some just reacted as if we were there to cause harm. People have lost touch with their inner self it seemed. The average age of the crowd that gathered to watch was probably 25 and a grim and ugly sense of hopelessness loomed over them. Almost like a big question mark on their faces. At times it seemed like I was the only one around smiling and excited about the prospects. People even rejected requests to help or contribute in small ways. I kept my interaction on and I got vivid reaction. I left the place with a bitter-sweet sense of victory. But I console myself saying we had the courage to do it and even if we influenced someone in some small way we did GOOD. Change is infectious and it is bound to infect. And sometime you need not more than a feeling inside that say “This is Right” to do it.


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