If you don’t read “Patrika” – you’re DOOMED!

Why does shit only happen to me?

I really do feel this way. The most unnecessary and idiotic mishaps tend to find me on a regular basis. In this baking heat I am trying to run a kitchen and a coffee shop at the same time trying to send my customers off with a smile. It’s hard to keep composure when you have to deal with assholes of this caliber.

Scene 1

I am in the kitchen trying to get an order out on time. The security guard walks up to me from his booth.

Security Guard: Dai tapai ko sign board chatdeicha..

Me: Kosle …Ka?

Security Guard : Baira road cheu ko..

Scene 2

I start running off to see what exactly is going on.

And this is what’s exactly going on…IMG_2041

Scene 3

I am up in the Kathmandu Metropolitan worker’s grill.

Me: Who told you to do this and why?

Worker: My “hakim is right there talk to him”.

Me: “yo hakim le aaja kasko much herecha byana byana aba malai bhetcha”

Then the mayhem began. The explanation this jerk-off had for me was “Patrika Padnu bhayena”.

Me: “Tapai le kinndine ho dai malai ani padchu, malai tapai jasto basera newspaper padne fursat chaina”

Hakim guy: “Yo mahanagrpalika le deko adesh ho.” “Mapdanda ma suikriti nail banako board ho..tesaile.”

Me: “Ani tyo mathi ko board le leko cha ta”

Hakim guy: “Tya pugne aaile hami sanga bharyang chaina”

Are you serious, so it was my bad luck apparently that my board was reachable and accessible to you. When I lose my mind you ask


me to lower my voice. Screw you Mr. Hakim. And your hakim aswell. For being the kind of dumbasses that you all are it make me absolutely vomit really deep within in utter disgust.  How easy it was for him to rip apart what I have worked for all these months. Would it not make common sense to just notify the rightful owner of the sign to have it removed. Now I have to replace it. Now you have created waste and when asked who is going to pick up the mess you have created this is not the answer you should be giving me. “Tyo uthauna pani hamro arko manchey aaudaicha”.

Entereprenural challenges in nepal.


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