My shadow

“Ghamanda garnu parcha tara kun chij ko garne bujnu parcha” .

I feel that way about this one particular guy. My old science teacher , Pradhan Mam’ , used to say “ Nakal karne k liye akkal chaiye”. I have a shadow, ladies and gentleman. At least the one that I am aware of. This shadow normally sticks to you like a leech, a parasite you may call it. They think by sucking off a little of my high-grade A positive blood they will inherit what I am. I cringe when it comes close to me and pretends so clearly butter me up and down. Bhayo , I scream in my head. I see you through and through. What the shadow does not realize is that I have my own identity, personality and original ideas. And even if they are not original I try to use the grey-cells in my head to come up with them.

Thus, I say to the shadow. Leave me alone you blood-sucking-unoriginal-whore .


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