From darkness to Light

At times a man needs a prayer.

To evolve,

“From darkness to Light”.

To embrace Shiva.

Epitome of the righteous man.

But he is not a saint ,

Unless he has stained,

His material existence .

A man is not a man,

Unless he has been humiliated.

Stripped off his pride,

Feeling next to nothing,

But a measly thief

A lier and a cheat

Brought to justice

In front of his own simplicity.

What have you achieved and

What is your goal?

To Exist is your first goal.

And to reproduce is your second.

Everything else is obsolete.

The spirals of swayambhu

The spirals of the RedMud Logo

You shake and rattle

And move and shuffle

Trying to breath

As much as you can.

But the man fails to realize

That his existence lies in the steam

Like sweet-bitter Latte steam

He will evaporate.

What is the purpose and

What is the role?

To be or not to be.

To see or not to See.

To speak or not to speak.

Does it matter?

To bring joy.

To realize how ugly life can be.

To desire and hate.

To experience and to lose.

To win and amuse.

To exist with a purpose and to fulfill your role. Until you Evaporate like sweet-bitter latte steam.


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