यसो गरे कसो होला ?

I consistently see posts on social media and articles in the newspapers about the poor SLC results. Everybody is complaining about the current education system we have been practicing in Nepal for decades. I also feel that it is outdated and should be replaced with a new idea. As a youngster I distinctly recall my lack of interest in say ACCOUNTING. I studied Commerce because I really did not like science that much in high-school. Even while attending college I was warned several times by my counselor for picking classing that did not fit my course-guidelines. As a result all my college years were about Slayer, Beer and at least trying for a “B”.

Here is what I propose:

Grade 1- Grade 12 (High School) – Teach the kids all the basics. Make schools take their own finals or on a district level rather than a national level government regulated exams. A kid coming out of a rural school district will not be compared with one coming out of a private school .

3-5 years (Age 15-18/20) – Extensive travelling and lot of volunteer work.

20+ – Start taking College level classes and work part-time. OR Start a business or an organization.

This would allow the youngster to understand how and what education would be helpful for him or her in the near future.

I choose to speak about this today because I can so easily see how some of the basics I learned in schools and colleges are finding way into my day-to-day life today. At 32 I am compelled to reopen the text books again. Having helped several students from Europe in their research about garbage management in Kathmandu few years back I witnessed how western parents allow and trust young men and women to travel the globe and explore their own options and make their own mistakes.

I always say I do not have a foreign education, I only have foreign experience because at this point of time in my life the experience counts more and the education is only a rusty tool at my disposal. 40% of US college students drop out each year and the number is increasing. More kids are crushed before they can even find their own space and identity. Some survive and become slaves.

But, who am I to judge.

The only thing I can do is provide my kids with all the options and space to explore.


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