Getting the basics right

I took a creative thinking class today. With everybody probably under the age of twenty seven.

Did I really need it? I asked myself.

Nope. But what the heck, I will do anything within my realm to challenge myself and break the mundane. The first question in the class was, “What is Creativity?”

To which I answered, “Something beyond the mundane” or “something fresh”. What the class did for me was hit the restart button. We also did a story writing exercise which made me realize, once again (sigh) that creativity does not start from planning. It has to be spontaneous. Such as this: despite having a long rigorous day of running a business, personal life and responsibilities I have tried to get those creative vibes (I did not want to say Juices, no’ what I mean) out of me through this blog. I am starting to forget it. Two things the most. First, my old school habit of reading everything I can get my hands on to filling up diaries with just about whatever the hell I wanted to write about. Most of it was all an attempt at reincarnating Jimbo from within me (which never happened). Second, my music. Two things that really shaped me now was slowly starting to extinct from my life. Business and Economics took over. For which today I found an answer, I will have to find time no matter what. For music and for penning down a few things.

Back to the class. Second exercise was about drawing an alien. Something no one has seen or experienced. But we came out with flying colors. It’s like trying to think like a child which we all did once. We are quick to judgments and decisions. All grown up and shit.

Sometimes you have to get back in the class room and get the basics right. You stay young if you have young friends. Like Ruchin , you is a hustler homie. Good job keep working..

I promise to myself. I will not let the mundane catch me and will constantly create.

Major endorsement for: Edushala: Creative Thinking Workshop with Sattya Media Arts Collective


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