Yet Another Battle


Sometimes in life you do thing without knowing why you do it, only to find a meaning to it later in life. Such is the story of this picture that you see above. This picture was taken by myself some 5000m+ above sea level just a little while away from the Larkya-La pass. A strenuous trek that takes you from  Arughat , Gorkha (800m) all the way through the pass 5106 m to Manang district of Nepal. This was Niranjan’s first trek and as a newbie to high altitude trekking he can be seen seriously struggling to continue. I stopped to ask him if he was okei and never did he show me any weakness or a losing attitude. He just kept moving with a big smile on his face. Eventually we both completed the 14 day trek despite so many other hurdles we faced besides the physical and mental strain.

The reason I tell you this is to highlight the kind of person Niranjan is. He is not a Quitter.


I returned home in 2011 from United States for good and after a year I commenced in a new venture Red Mud Coffee. I worked the store daily with 5-6 staff and Niranjan joined Red Mud Coffee six months later. Niranjan became an integral component of Red Mud. From making sure our old “desi” generator was up and running to making sure we had enough supplies to run the business smoothly. He would leave home at 7 am each day and return home at 9 pm , everyday for the next 2 years. It was because I knew that people like Niranjan were in my team I was able to be successful in raising funds through Rockstart Impact to grow the business. When I had to focus on other things besides the operational activities Niranjan was among the people I knew  I could count on to keep the show going on.

Besides being a diligent and trustworthy team mate, Niranjan is popularly known to hundreds of people that are Red Mud Coffee loyal as beloved “KAKA”. He is everyone’s kaka. He is someone who made sure the guest left happy. He made us laugh, he made us smile and he made us be humble in his own ways. 12195921_992227607507417_7274111744269911969_n

Since he joined Red Mud , kaka and I became more that just relatives we were colleagues, friends and often embarked on adventures together. He never says NO. His attitude infected me as well as many around him. No job was too much for him. He made mistakes but he always made sure the JOB was done. I have seen him grow from someone very unskilled and reserved to becoming confident,  self reliant and a strong individual.

As the journey continued and the business grew , I strongly felt that kaka would be the right candidate to lead our ambition to grow our own coffee in the future and as a result we traveled 650 kilo meters on a bike across middle Nepal to visit coffee farms as field research. We so much to look forward to things kept moving in the right direction for Niranjan in the personal front as well.  On August 25 2016 , Niranjan got married and stated his new chapter in life.

But this joy was short lived. At a time when he was starting to look into the future together with his new found life partner, he was abruptly ill and had to admitted to the hospital with high fever and diminishing energy levels. The initial guess was pneumonia. But within 24 hours of his hospital admission his blood test reveled something catastrophic. Niranjan has been diagnosed with Adult acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes abnormal myeloblasts (a type of white blood cell), red blood cells, or platelets.Leukemia may affect red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Niranjan is currently in Alka Hospital Lalitpur and is being cared for by Dr. Bisesh Paudel who is a pioneer in this field of medical science having experience in conducting the first successful bone marrow transplant case of Nepal. But the treatments are not cheap here in Nepal. We the most immediate family Niranjan has , Red Mud Coffee have been at his assistance in his time of need since zero hour. I personally have taken time off from my ever hectic business and expansion projects to be able to be there for my friend my kaka.

Ritesh , my brother have so far covered the expenses for Niranjan so far but it obviously has its own limitations aswell. I spoke to many friend seeking advice and they have suggested that I should create a platform for people who have been touched by the presence of ‘kaka’ in their lives to have an opportunity to come together to help ‘kaka’ in his time of need. While his family and I are working on getting some loan from the bank we also wanted to do a round of fundraiser to help ‘ kaka’.

The goal of treatment is complete remission, including resolution of abnormal clinical features, restoration of normal blood counts and normal hematopoiesis with < 5% blast cells in the bone marrow, and elimination of the leukemic clone. Although basic principles in treating ALL and AML are similar, the drug regimens differ. The complex nature of patients’ clinical situations and the available treatment protocols necessitate an experienced team. Whenever possible, patients should be treated at specialized medical centers, particularly during critical phases (eg, remission induction).

Along with medical treatment ‘kaka’ needs Psychologic support which may help him and us the family to  weather the shock of illness and the rigors of treatment for a potentially life-threatening condition.

No Matter what I write or say is not enough about ‘kaka’. Kaka is a kind soul and a giver. And it breaks my heart to see and know that he is in such need today. And as a friend , nephew and co-worker I pledge that I will fight this disease with him and we will come out winners and we will do more adventurous things in the future together.

For now any help we can gather is genuine help!!

If you want to connect with me to send your messages to kaka please write to me at

Email :

If you want to help Niranjan Financially please do so by depositing your fund to

Account Holder's Name: Niranjan Adhikari

A/c Number: 5555 3712 9852 4001

Bank Name : NIC ASIA Bank , Balaju Branch

Swift Code : NICENPKA

BANK ADDRESS: Balaju Ringroad 44611,Phone:01-4385513

Thanx for Reading . Thanx for Helping.

Aashish Adhikari






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