These days I am very seldom behind the espresso machine making coffee. I started my journey in business from Trade Tower , Thapathali. This is a busy corporate building , thus much of the busy hours were during the weekdays. We stayed open on Saturdays despite very little business in the early days to let people know we are open during holidays and weekends. Saturdays were about clean ups and some regulars chilling out at the shop. We had to give everyone else off on this day so I would run the shop with my early apprentice , Kailash.

Kailash was a blast to work with he had a great attitude , always willing to learn, outspoken and honest and very competitive. This particular day we were practicing our latte are skills, both of us would watch YouTube videos and practice. After a few who’s is better Kailash started to challenge the boss that his work was better. So we decided we needed a judge. Since no one was around that lazy Saturday afternoon we went to the internet. I posted a picture of the 2 very weak looking latter arts on my social media wall and asked people to vote.

Kailash won by 1 vote.

This incident was back in 2013, its been over four years now and what work meant then and now is so much different. I sometimes miss being a a shop owner rather than a CEO.

Can you guess which is my work and which is Kailash’s? Leave your Guess in the Comment.



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