“One way to commit yourself to something is by telling the world what you are about to do.”

I have tried this formula before and it works because you now have the fear and guilt of not living upto what you promised yourself. And we humans do not like being mocked at or laughed at. We then program our minds to do what is so outside our comfort zone.

Mid December I lost my friend , my apprentice and my fellow adventurer , Kaka. Some of you might have known him. It had a profound affect on my psyche.  I felt very demotivated and depressed. There was nothing happy about starting a new year.

I went into meditation for a week in the Nagarjuna Hills. As I came out of this hiatus. I had two things on my mind clear. I have a small home office and in the office is a small white board which I use for reminders and goal setting. On Jan 11, 2017 , as I finished my evening meditation on my 35th birthday , I began to talk to myself. I asked what would be the 2 things you would really like to achieve this year, business and personal goals aside, solely for yourself. Immediately, I picked up the board marker and wrote what my instinct told me at that moment of time. I wrote two words, Quit SMOKING and MERA. Let me explain.

First I wanted to gain control of my health and lose some of the habit I had formed over the years. Specifically, Smoking. Its been Over 6 months since I started to try and kick this habit of over 20 years. Its sure was not easy, I relapsed several times. Tried several techniques but I failed few times but I was in no mood to let myself down. After six months I am now in a position to say I am CLEAN. I can breath. I can taste. I can smell and I am bigger and better than the damn-cigarette.

This leads me to my second goal. I went on my first trek in 2012 with friends to Annapurna Base Camp. Since then its become my obsession. I am fascinated with mountains and traveling on foot is something I simply fell in love with.

From that point on I have done the Langtang, Gosaikunda, Manaslu Circuit and the Annapurna Circuit treks. Reaching to the maximum height of 5416 M above sea level. If you ask me Manaslu and the Larke-la pass was a true test of my mental and physical capacity. I finished this trek after getting robbed in Soti Khola , Gorkha off all my money. Don’t ask what happened , that is a separate blog in itself. Lets just say pure instinct and grit got me over the 5100 M pass. And some generous people who made it possible.

I have now seen what a trek can offer and I have been dreaming of doing the summit of Mera Peak since late 2015. Now I am ready to take this challenge. Mera Peak is among the few trekking peaks in Nepal. Meaning there is no need for climbing skills. But it surely is not for amateurs. Its a 6476 M climb. No joke here. This will be my first peak. I am planning to depart mid October 2017. No I am not flying to Lukla. I am planning to start walking from the classic route that Edmund and Tenzing took from Jiri. Planning to fly out of Lukla on the way back to home though. This also helps with fitness and acclimatization. Yes we will be hiring a guide. Yes we will start to work on fitness as soon as the rainy season is over. I plan to document the trip with my DSLR and GO Pro. This is the adventure of your life for sure. mera2

I am planning to form a team of 3-5 people here. So if anyone thinks they are up for this challenge please write to me at aashish@redmudcoffee.com .

The Cost will be surely somewhere in the range of approximately 60,000-80,000 Rupees including gear and all logistics related to the trip.


  • Consent from Family
  • Able to pay in advance
  • Has done at-least 1 trek that goes over 4000 M  (Knows what to expect)
  • Is willing to listen to the team leader (Me) and take instructions .
  • Willing to commit to a 30 day fitness-warm up prior to departure. I normally go up Shivapuri , Phulcoki or any other hills around Kathmandu.
  • Can commit 3 weeks to this trip (Tentative Oct 15 to Nov 2)
  • Is not a scumbag or  a bitch , coz’ I have faced this sort of behavior in my other trips .When shit gets really tough people lose it and I do not want to deal with your tantrums. I will coach you on this.
  • To take you along or not will depend on your attitude and personality – Has to gel with the team vibe.

I am in no way a professional guide. I intend to hire a guide. And everyone is responsible for themselves. I am doing this as a tribute to Kaka. We both dreamed to do a peak someday and this is my own crazy personal fantasy as well. I do treks because it makes me feel alive, rejuvenated and I come back with my mind clear as a slate (its meditative) . Its not about ambition its about testing yourself and conquering your own fears. As I write this I have doubt, fear, concerns and what not going through my head but we have one life to live and I want this checked off my list.


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