The idea of doing the Everest region trek branched off from my initial quest to form a group to do the Mera-Peak this season. After my efforts to get a team together failed , I pivoted to the Everest region. So far in my four previous trek I had been able to check off Annapurna 1 (#10) , Manaslu (#8) and Dhaulagiri 1 (#7) from my list of the 8000+m Peaks in Nepal off my list. This trip would allow me to check off Cho Oyu (#6) , Makalu (#5) , Lotse (#4) and the mighty Everest (#1) from my list. The rewards were more than enough for me to immediately start pitching to Suraj to join me in the journey. Suraj soon agreed and I was willing to do the trip with just Suraj. But somehow Watsal was always in the loop. He took a while to decide but eventually joined in. Sarun came in at the last moment. SO there we were 4 of us in the group. Rest of the 3 boys , absolutely new to the trekking experience but super enthusiastic.

The initial plan was to start from Jiri doing the classic Edmund-Tenzing trail. The idea of flying to Lukla was not exciting to me. And I truly believe it would not be a complete experience. Yes, for people with less time this is a good option but I believed this part of the trip would give us enough workout to do the more difficult and higher part of the trek easily.

Sarun threw a curve ball giving us an option of starting off from Salleri which again would save us a couple of days. This would be the first alter to our initial plan.


Sept 1- Kathmandu to Salleri (Jeep)

Sept 2- Salleri to Taksindu Danda

Sept 3 – Taksindu Danda to Jubhing

Sept 4- Jubhing to Kari La

Sept 5 – Kari La to Lukla

Sept 6 – Rest Day at Lukla

This section of the trip was wet, slippery , foggy and we were constantly attacked by blood sucking leeches throughout. For some odd reason they seem to be super attracted to Suraj. In terms of views we did not have many to brag about. We just wanted to get to Lukla and then may be our luck would change.

IMG_2123.jpgTrekking in early-September we knew what we were going to face. But it also ensured that we were the only people treking up this section at zthis period of time. The only person we met was a Egyptian fellow doing it alone. Due to this fact we were sincerely welcomed by the people of this region with their warm hospitality. The Tongba and Chyang was great. Also compared to my other trek experience this one was not hot or cold , just mild, which made it bit easier to walk during the day.

So here is the video of the first leg of the trek, enjoy. The Video is best Viewed at 720P60HD or above.


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