We started off on the second leg of the trek from Lukla after a day of much needed rest. We had fresh (somewhat) clothes and some strategic changes around this period. First of which was to shed over 20 Kilos of stuff combined we had been carrying through the hills in the first leg until Lukla. I had packed well but I too wanted to shed some weight. The only thing I could get rid of was my extra jacket and my chocolates. The guys got rid of their Sleeping bags and a lot of other stuff no needed. IMG_1311.jpg

Feeling a bit lighter , we head off to Monjo.

Monjo offers some excellent lodges with HOT SHOWER. Yes, I took a nice shower in Monjo. Soon we knew after reanalyzing our funds that if we were to continue our trip we would need a bit of extra cash. Namche bazar has some banks and the only way to get cash was to have my brother wire us the cash and since it was a Friday we had to get to Namche before the banks closed for the day.

We did get to Namche and Collect on time. Then we switched plans to deviate to Gokyo. Everyone in the route has their own strategy and we were somewhat influenced to make this change. But I believe we made a good choice. We were the only people treking up this portion , the only people we encountered in this section were people returning from their Cho-la Pass experience. IMG_1442.jpg

I have done many trips to other regions of Nepal and this one has the best lodges and people know their trade well. For obvious reasons.

Right about 4200 m , I too felt a bit of a buzzing headache but it was just that and nothing else, but still we made a choice to really take it slow. Stopping at Macchermo mid day saved us from once again getting soaked in the rain. The walk upto Gokyo is not that tough. The altitude will surely have a bit of affect on you.


Sept 7 – Lukla to Monjo

Sept 8 – Monjo to Kyangjuma

Sept 9- Kyangjuma to Dole

Sept 10 – Dole to Macchermo

Sept 11- Macchermo to Gokyo

Sept 12 – Gokyo (Rest Day/Bad Weather)

So here is the video of the second leg of the trek, enjoy. The Video is best Viewed at 720P60HD or above.

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