We reached Gokyo lakes through Dole and Macchermo on September 11, 2017 right about lunch time. We stayed at the Himalayan Eco Lodge , and I have to say this place was superb. It would never have been accessible to us Nepalese if this were peak season. However, the fact that we were among the few in town we received great service and hospitality. Everything was expensive but we were not complaining.


What followed was an entire day stuck in the lodge due to , well, not bad weather but unfavorable weather to summit Gokyo ri and be able to see some view from the top. So we waited. For me personally this day was the calmest and serene days I have had in a long time. With practically nothing to do there was ample opportunities to just let your mind and body really slow its roll.


I have been over 5000 M , twice before and in comparison to the other two experiences before this climb was much easier for me for the fact that there was no snow, ice and I could have easily climbed up in my t shirt, it was not cold really.

So here is the video of the final summit bid of the trek, enjoy. The Video is best Viewed at 720P60HD or above.

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