A very popular book in the Book Stands in 2018 is JB Peterson’s – 12 Rules for Life- An antidote to Chaos . I took over 3 months to listen to the book. Went over chapters multiple times because this book does present a unique perspective to dealing with the chaos we encounter in day to day life. Book remains very easy to understand but seems to be inclined totally towards the western way of life (Obviously) making the examples may be a bit too off the radar for a eastern reader. Much of the knowledge in the book is knowledge that has been available to the world already, no reinvention of the wheels here. Nevertheless, amidst all the chaos that JB Peterson has accumulated its hard to look at just what the book presents to the readers and not get entangled in the internet-hoopla around him. The book is an antidote to chaos if you pay attention to the message. Controversies are free marketing strategies. Read the book without the unnecessary bias and you shall find gold.

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