Experiences, ideas, and perspective are only worthy when one who perceives them get the platform to share it. To today ’s context, those platforms are duly lacking among the vibrating youth who are in seek of it. Mero 2 paisa is an initiative to highlight those experiences which aspire others to get inspired, ideas that get exposure and guidance to take it into action and perspective values are cordially valued. So sharing those perspective worth of 2 cents which had never been taken into credibility is what Mero 2 Paisa for.

Entrepreneurial-Adventurous-Spiritual being the main motto of the channel. It aims to create a positive impact upon those disfranchised youth of age group 18-49. We aim to create a positive mindset among those who seem to be in a turmoil situation either being a mentor to them or helping to find out the one, sharing real-life experiences and creating a sort of unconventional learning process.

The initiator themselves being an aspirant of change seeing this chaos situation of the country, Mero 2 paisa also targets to depict the condition of the country, possibilities of immense potentialities and finding out the best solution for it. That results to inspire every change seeker to contribute a bit of their part. For every those aspirants, Mero 2 paisa has been targeting to create a series of content that motivates every one from any of the way. It has been publishing its content on YouTube, Facebook, website and many other social platforms and planned to do some more engaging events.

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