From darkness to Light

At times a man needs a prayer. To evolve, “From darkness to Light”. To embrace Shiva. Epitome of the righteous man. But he is not a saint , Unless he has stained, His material existence . A man is not a man, Unless he has been humiliated. Stripped off his pride, Feeling next to nothing, […]

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It’s messed up and funky

  From the Nyatapole to the Swayambhu dome, Koteshowr to Kalanki It’s messed up and funky Grimy and Spiky. Temples have disappeared Into this unkemptness of sprawl Sea of vehicles and a mob of defunct souls Eating up my city like maggots they crawl Prayer sticks and emitted smoke Disguises the nasty garbage dune Over […]

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The Shit is Heavy!

Cognition is clogged, of everything that seems full half seems to have withdrawn, from the realm of factual. An inner tornado of perception melts away into a fecal matter, pushed through an inconsistent anus.   Pushed through as actions of suffocated, constricted and cramped desires Man, that shit is heavy….   As such my personal inner […]

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Within Parallel Universes

You are here, Reading this, but you are not. Your steps are misguided, What you see is not all that you want to notice. You want to frame this image Post it up on the walls of your memory With a signature of judgment, And a marinated sense of entitlement to what you have seen. […]

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“Life is not fair”

“Life is not fair”, Then why am I fighting all along? I,Yes Me, the one that matters I’m going to frolic. See me skip these steps. Watch, because I’ll show you the way. When it comes to emotions,do not worry, But when it comes to expediency Oh hell, it’s an emergency. You can run the […]

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