The power of Good Karma

“Belief” is a very strong emotion. Speaking to Marie Urbain of Actua about the Green Soldiers.   I left the US down and defeated and with not much to brag about. When you lose constantly, you tend to lose purpose and start entering a depressive state. But one fails to realize that this is a […]

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Slow your roll

The world is moving at a frantic pace. Almost like on a head on collision with something invisible. I look around sometimes and it’s hard to fathom everything you see around you.  Sometimes I fear I am turning into a hippie of some sorts but again hippies weren’t evil. Living most of my adult life […]

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Because Sheep Don’t Bark

I never understood the term “middle-class” because I never understood how simply someone born in a rich family with a silver spoon in his mouth is from the “upper-class”. And of course the middle class mentality which was shoved down our throats from kinder garden. “You have to study and become a big person (Thulo-Manchey)”, […]

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My Labeda Surwal Experience

I never liked wearing a neck-tie. I really never did. It was constricting and uncomfortable. But wearing a necktie has been a part of our culture for a while now.  I wore one for all my school years and also some college years. Just walk around Kathmandu or any other city in Nepal for that […]

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My Romance with BEER!

  There are two drinks i have always been passionate about , “Beer” and “Coffee”. Though i think beer wound rank #1. There is something about a very cold beer that i simply cannot resist. I love its color and i am very aware of the way a beer tastes. I worked in a Beer […]

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