When people call my country ‘poor’ it really does rub me the wrong way.  I realized how materialistically poor we really were after having lived 8 long years in a country that consumed like barbarians on a fresh kill. With abundance of wealth comes, abundance of everything else. Including confidence. People in America had something […]

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My shadow

“Ghamanda garnu parcha tara kun chij ko garne bujnu parcha” . I feel that way about this one particular guy. My old science teacher , Pradhan Mam’ , used to say “ Nakal karne k liye akkal chaiye”. I have a shadow, ladies and gentleman. At least the one that I am aware of. This […]

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Cheap Service = Bad Service?

Hey it’s been raining like shit for almost 72 hours straight and it does not look like it’s about to stop any time soon. As a part of my routine I have to visit the Post office several times a week. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. The shitty Chinese […]

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Enough is Enough

After working all day  I and some of my friends decided to go out tonight. My friend suggested a place which was having its opening night the same day. So we split our ways and I went home to drop off my back pack and my belongings. It looked like hell was about to break […]

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Dreaming Billboards

Every time I pass through one of these unkempt, ugly and crowded intersections of Kathmandu I am compelled to look at all these Billboards that are almost overwhelming. But boy are they one hell of a way to get people’s attention. I have an overactive imagination let’s just say. Every time I sit at these […]

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Batti Chaina…Shit!!!

I am tired of these power cuts. Enough is enough I think people need to take to the streets demanding long-term solutions. I am delayed 4 hours for a job that can be done in 15 minutes. How are we supposed to move forward this way? I just don’t want to complain and expect a […]

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Home Grown Coffee

What is organic coffee? Why would you buy organic coffee? Does it really matter? Is coffee good for you or bad for you? These are some of the things we will take a look at in this post. Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes (oddly enough, the more the better […]

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Because Sheep Don’t Bark

I never understood the term “middle-class” because I never understood how simply someone born in a rich family with a silver spoon in his mouth is from the “upper-class”. And of course the middle class mentality which was shoved down our throats from kinder garden. “You have to study and become a big person (Thulo-Manchey)”, […]

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