Lukla to Gokyo (Part 2)

We started off on the second leg of the trek from Lukla after a day of much needed rest. We had fresh (somewhat) clothes and some strategic changes around this period. First of which was to shed over 20 Kilos of stuff combined we had been carrying through the hills in the first leg until […]

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Salleri to Lukla (Part 1)

The idea of doing the Everest region trek branched off from my initial quest to form a group to do the Mera-Peak this season. After my efforts to get a team together failed , I pivoted to the Everest region. So far in my four previous trek I had been able to check off Annapurna […]

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The Travelogue

I just finished a 17 day trek to the peak of Gokyo Ri with some of my friends and mentees Watsal, Sarun and Suraj. Everything about this trip was spontaneous. Exactly how it should be and how I like it. Along the time we spent trekking to keep my creative juices flowing , I kept […]

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Yet Another Battle

Sometimes in life you do thing without knowing why you do it, only to find a meaning to it later in life. Such is the story of this picture that you see above. This picture was taken by myself some 5000m+ above sea level just a little while away from the Larkya-La pass. A strenuous […]

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Shaking , But not SHAKEN.

I was sitting for a meeting when ground started to shake. I was 7 when the last time Kathmandu was hit with a big one. My grandmother running to our backyard carrying me is the only memory I have of that incident. This was something out of a Hollywood movie. The ground stared to shake […]

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Getting the basics right

I took a creative thinking class today. With everybody probably under the age of twenty seven. Did I really need it? I asked myself. Nope. But what the heck, I will do anything within my realm to challenge myself and break the mundane. The first question in the class was, “What is Creativity?” To which […]

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Education I studied in Loyola School Kathmandu. And I credit a lot of what I am capable of today to my teachers then. But I distinctly remember how they taught in the same old punish, push and enforce strategy. Though they laid a strong foundation to a lot of the basics you need in life […]

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