Shaking , But not SHAKEN.

I was sitting for a meeting when ground started to shake. I was 7 when the last time Kathmandu was hit with a big one. My grandmother running to our backyard carrying me is the only memory I have of that incident. This was something out of a Hollywood movie. The ground stared to shake […]

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When people call my country ‘poor’ it really does rub me the wrong way.  I realized how materialistically poor we really were after having lived 8 long years in a country that consumed like barbarians on a fresh kill. With abundance of wealth comes, abundance of everything else. Including confidence. People in America had something […]

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Getting the basics right

I took a creative thinking class today. With everybody probably under the age of twenty seven. Did I really need it? I asked myself. Nope. But what the heck, I will do anything within my realm to challenge myself and break the mundane. The first question in the class was, “What is Creativity?” To which […]

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From darkness to Light

At times a man needs a prayer. To evolve, “From darkness to Light”. To embrace Shiva. Epitome of the righteous man. But he is not a saint , Unless he has stained, His material existence . A man is not a man, Unless he has been humiliated. Stripped off his pride, Feeling next to nothing, […]

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My shadow

“Ghamanda garnu parcha tara kun chij ko garne bujnu parcha” . I feel that way about this one particular guy. My old science teacher , Pradhan Mam’ , used to say “ Nakal karne k liye akkal chaiye”. I have a shadow, ladies and gentleman. At least the one that I am aware of. This […]

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Education I studied in Loyola School Kathmandu. And I credit a lot of what I am capable of today to my teachers then. But I distinctly remember how they taught in the same old punish, push and enforce strategy. Though they laid a strong foundation to a lot of the basics you need in life […]

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Coffee ain’t Fancy

I write this today because I feel like I need to. And I want to share things I have learnt in the last 6 months because I believe it will help someone out there in some random way (Wishful Thinking). It’s been exactly Six month since I bought Coffee Point from its previous owners. I […]

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